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    More Than Just Career Networking!

    We are a Business Lifestyle Sorority. Our group is filled with amazing women who are established in their careers and building their dreams. We are motivated and able to lend guidance and support to others. We believe in giving of yourself, your time, and your talents. In return you will receive the support in the areas of your life that you find challenging. We are more than just career networking, we are life networking. We are stronger together. Our group in the infancy state, and will continue to grow and change. We would love to have you be a part of it!

    Our Mission Statement

    We are women that other women trust. We have the courage to tell each other when we have been offended, hurt or disappointed. We are successful, loyal, and honest. We believe in celebrating each others success and supporting each other through challenges. Oh and most important ..... We like to have a lot of fun!

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    As a member of this group you consent to being contacted and marketed to by other members of the group. After all we are all able to grow faster with the support of each other. We are stronger together.
    Yearly Membership = $50
    Replacement pin = $15
    Website Profile Updates = $5
    Membership includes
    Selfie Made Woman crown pin
    Access to expertise and advice of members
    Marketing / Mailing List
    Discounted Pricing for SMW events
    Access to Free events
    The fee also pays for the cost of running the website and domain registration.
    Our Founder does this as a side hustle outside of her regular 9-5 because she believes in lifting women up and supporting their goals and dreams.

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    Don't be afraid to reach out. You + us = awesome.

  • Member to Member Testimonials

    Lux Lash Bar

    Sarah Powe is awesome at what she does. If you want a simple enhancement of your lashes or full on Hollywood glam she can do it all. Get studio is relaxing and the decor speaks to my inner boss babe. Highly recommend her. She’s simply the best!

    - Jenine Wiley Founder Selfie Made Woman

    Cara Photographers

    I had so much fun shooting with Carling and Sara. They make sure you are relaxed and offer great advice on how to pose and move your body to get the best shot. I m continually amazed by this dynamic duo and the work they do.

    - Jenine Wiley Founder Selfie Made Woman

    Preferred Tax Solutions

    Crystal is fantastic. She is able to explain the ins and outs of my taxes and refund in a way I am able to articulate. I’ve referred many people to her and the feedback is always incredibly positive. She has mastered her craft.

    - Jenine Wiley Founder Selfie Made Woman

    Polished by Amber

    Amber Schlosser is a delight to have your nails done by. She has all the on trend colours and is super positive and fun to hang out with. I cannot wait to see what is yet to come from this woman. She’s got an eye for nails and I’m thrilled by the set she did for me.

    - Jenine Wiley Founder Selfie Made Woman

    Leah Johnson Coyle - Arbonne

    Leah gave me the opportunity to try out some of Arbonnes skin care line. It is fantastic and knowing Leah is behind the brand builds confidence in it. She is one of the most health conscious and knowledgeable women on all things women’s health.

    - Jenine Wiley Founder Selfie Made Woman

    Kia Bhaidani - Younique

    I’ve sampled some epic products from this epic woman. The Epic Mascara is a must have. She lives her brand and is always put together. Her videos on Facebook live are a must see. Looking for a Younique Rep? She’s the best!!!!

    - Jenine Wiley Founder Selfie Made Woman

    Preferred Tax Solutions

    Crystal Lucier

    Preferred tax solutions was a saving grace for us! Crystal is amazing and really took time to ensure we had all the necessary tax documents! She is our person!!!!

    - Kia Bhaidani Younique

    SP Events

    Jasmine Duncan:

    I have had the amazing opportunity to be a small part of a few of Jasmine's events, as well as had the pleasure of photographing her and her family on numerous occasions. Jasmine is the kind of person everyone deserves in their life. She is so positive, loving, and encouraging. Attending her events has introduced me to so many amazing people that have truly helped my business in so many ways.

    - Carling Hood Cara Photographers

    Polished By Amber

    Amber Schlosser

    I can't say enough good things about this girl. I always leave so incredible happy with how my nails turn out. She knows exactly what kind of shape will look best with your fingers, and what will make them last as long as posisble. Not only does she make my nails look AMAZING, but I truly look forward to our appointments because of how amazing of a human being she is.

    - Carling Hood Cara Photographers

    Selfie Made Woman

    Jenine Wiley

    Jenine has had a huge impact in my life, both professionally and personally. She loves watching businesses and people grow to their upmost potential. I don't know where I would be without her, and I hope to never find out.

    - Carling Hood Cara Photographers

    Preferred Tax Solutions

    Crystal Lucier

    Crystal was a life saver when it came to tax season. She walked us through the entire process and allowed us to ask her any question that arose. I am no longer stressed thinking about tax season knowing that Crystal is taking care of it.

    - Carling Hood Cara Photographers

    Lux Lash Bar

    Sarah Powe

    I was hesitant about getting lashes due to having very sensitive eyes that water and get itchy a lot. Sarah walked me through the entire process and found a solution. I am so in love with my lashes, I can't imagine not having them. Thank you so much Sarah!

    - Carling Hood Cara Photographers